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Refund Policy

Precedent Pool aims to give you as many tools as possible to choose the precedent that precisely meets your needs. We offer you the ability to see all kinds of elements of the precedent, such as:

  • a preview
  • the title
  • a short description
  • a detailed description
  • the ratings given to it by other users
  • its length
  • the date it was drafted
  • comments made about the precedent
  • questions and answers about the precedent
  • its placement in the legal taxonomy
  • information about which party it favours

Precedent Pool provides all these different elements to help you understand the scope of the precedent before you pay to license it. However, once you have paid the licensing fee and download the precedent, you may not be satisfied with it.

If you are not satisfied with your precedent, Precedent Pool will issue you a full refund.

All you need to do is email admin@precedentpool.com.au to request a refund within 7 days of paying your license fee. Precedent Pool will issue you a full refund within a week of receiving your request.

We do have some conditions though. If you are issued a refund, you will need to delete or destroy any copies of the precedent, including any digital or hard copies.

Finally, if we notice that you are persistently and consistently asking for refunds, creating multiple accounts or engaging in any other activity solely for the purposes of obtaining refunds, you will be denied further access to the website.

Here is a list of the precedents we have available. To view or buy precedents, you need to register and login.

Name Description