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• How can I list my precedents on Precedent Pool?

If you are a practising lawyer and have professional indemnity insurance, you can list your precedents on Precedent Pool.  You need to warrant that you own the precedents.

• Do I list my precedents under my name, or my law firm’s name?

Up to you.  Either way is okay by us, but, if you are an employee of your law firm, and the law firm owns the intellectual property in the precedents you have written, you had better make sure you have your employer’s consent to list the precedents on Precedent Pool (and worked our who will receive the licence fees).  Just make sure you have sorted things out properly with your employer.

• After I have listed my precedents on Precedent Pool, can I change the prices?

Yes, you can change the price, or anything else about your precedents, at any time.

• If I find a mistake, can I take down my precedent, fix the mistake and re-list it?

Yes, there is an ‘update button’ which you can use to update your precedent with an updated version of the document at any time.

• Can you help me with my precedents?

Maybe.  If you need some help putting a final bit of polish on your precedents to get them ready for publication, we might be able to assist.  Get in touch and we can see what we can do.

• What should I charge for my precedents?

If you are not sure what to charge, we can help you decide an appropriate price.

• If Precedent Pool offers a discount to users, does that mean that my fee is reduced too?

Yes, the Contributor Agreement says that we are entitled to offer discount licence fees to users and, if we do this, this means the discount will apply to your share, and our share, of the licence fees. We have no present plans to offer any discounted licence fees, but we might want to do this in future – such as offering discounts to students or non-profit organisations.

• You already seem to have a lot of precedents.  Why would you want more?

Our aim is to have as many precedents as possible on the site, and provide tools to allow users to sift and sort through them to find the best precedents for their needs.  The more precedents, the better.

• I have loads of precedents I’d like to list, but I don’t want to list them one by one.  How can I list my precedents faster?

Send us an email to admin@precedentpool.com.au and we can help you to do a bulk upload of precedents via the back end of our site.

• I want to sell my precedents, but I’m a luddite.  Can I still sell my precedents on Precedent Pool?

Send us an email to admin@precedentpool.com.au, or give us a call on (02) 9475 1038, or even send a letter to use by snail mail, and we can upload your precedents for you via the back end of our site.

• Could I have any liability to users in relation to the content of my precedents?

Theoretically, yes.  The licence to use a precedent is between you as the Contributor and the end-user.  If, for example, you include something that is just plain wrong, you could be liable to the user of the precedent.  However, we are not aware of any example of anyone taking action against someone for the content of a precedent, and it is hard to imagine how such liability could arise.  At the end of the day, it is up to a user of a precedent to ensure that the precedent is suitable and appropriate for their needs.

• Am I considered an employee of Precedent Pool if I sell my precedents through their site?

No, the relationship between Precedent Pool and Contributors is one of independent contractors.

• Can I visit the office to meet the team behind Precedent Pool?

Sure, get in touch and we can arrange a time for you to come and meet us at our office in Sydney if you want to discuss licensing your precedents on Precedent Pool. If you prefer, we could even come to you.


• How do I know the precedents on Precedent Pool are any good?

We only accept precedents from practising lawyers with professional indemnity insurance.  You can check the description, preview a couple of pages, look at comments, ask questions of the Contributor, check the Contributor’s credentials and do much more to help you decide whether or not to purchase a precedent.

• How do I know the Contributor is entitled to sell the precedent?

Each Contributor warrants that they own all intellectual property rights in the precedents they list on Precedent Pool.

• If I pay for a precedent, do I own it?

If you pay for a precedent, you don’t own it, but you will have a licence to use the precedent for 12 months.

• I paid for a precedent, and I don’t like it.  Can I get my refund?

If you send us an email to admin@precedentpool.com.au within 7 days of downloading the precedent, we will arrange a refund.

• How can I trust you guys?

We are lawyers. We are bound by a bunch of ethical obligations, and have a lot to lose if we are caught being dishonest. Trust us.

Here is a list of the precedents we have available. To view or buy precedents, you need to register and login.

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