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Eric Kalde

Eric Kalde of Kalde & Associates

Eric Kalde of Kalde & Associates is a highly experienced commercial lawyer, having worked with several large commercial law firms in Sydney as well as in-house for a large private company. Eric is one of the major contributors of precedents to Precedent Pool, with dozens of precedents on the website.

You can contact Eric at eric@kalde.com.au


Anthony Jucha

Anthony Jucha of Jucha Legal

Anthony Jucha, founder of Precedent Pool and Principal of Jucha Legal, is an experienced commercial lawyer who has worked as in house counsel and an external lawyer for many large organisations including Faulding, Shell, Pentland Group, ETSA Utilities, Adelaide Brighton, Sydney Airport, Lynas Corporation and BlueScope Steel. He has almost 20 years working as a lawyer and drafting legal precedents.

You can contact Anthony at anthony@jucha-legal.com


Legal Vision


LegalVision is Australia’s only one-stop-shop legal services provider. LegalVision provides a high-quality, cost-effective solution for Australian small and medium businesses seeking legal assistance, advice or documentation.

You can contact Legal Vision at info@legalvision.com.au



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