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Precedent Pool is always looking for quality precedents.

If you are a practising lawyer who maintains professional indemnity insurance, you can easily sign up as a licensor and begin to licence your precedents on Precedent Pool to generate extra income.

You set the price for the precedent and we list it on the website. We handle all the administrative tasks while you sit back and let the precedent earn licensing fees. We split the licence fees 50/50.

If you want to leverage your hard work to generate passive income, then sign up as a licensor and start to license your precedents.

Please email our Business Development Manager, Ricardo Villegas, at ricardo@precedentpool.com.au and we will make it as easy as possible for you to start making more money.

Here is a list of the precedents we have available. To view or buy precedents, you need to register and login.

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