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Precedent Pool began as an idea in the mind of Anthony Jucha, Principal of Jucha Legal.  Anthony was drafting yet another quality contract and thought that it would make a valuable precedent for other lawyers.

He imagined platform where lawyers could license their precedents to other lawyers and anyone else who had a need for them.

He started work on Precedent Pool – a website that would allow lawyers to leverage their intellectual property and generate income and also help people to save on legal fees.

Precedent Pool now has an extensive and growing collection of legal documents ranging from business structures to media; from industrial relations to property. Anyone can register as a user for free and license a professionally written legal document at an affordable price.

Lawyers no longer have to turn away clients because a situation is outside of their usual field of practice. Clients no longer have to pay outrageous fees for a simple document. Skilled drafters of precedents no longer have to see their work gather dust on the shelf. Precedent Pool is the ideal trading platform for skilled lawyers to leverage their intellectual property and for people to browse, search for and purchase legal documents.

Precedent Pool is operated by Precedent Pool Pty Ltd as trustee for Precedent Trust ABN 79 596 281 356.

Here is a list of the precedents we have available. To view or buy precedents, you need to register and login.

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