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Precedent Pool is a trading platform where lawyers can licence their precedents to other lawyers and anyone else in need of a precedent.


Law is a mug’s game. Sure, most lawyers do okay, but lawyers sell time and so a lawyer’s income is capped by the number of (billable) hours in the day. Precedent Pool helps to solve that by enabling you to leverage your work.

No longer must your precedents to sit gathering dust. Instead, you can list your precedents on Precedent Pool and generate passive income from your intellectual property. We share revenue with you 50/50.


Whether you’re a lawyer, or just someone who needs a simple document, you can download precedents from Precedent Pool. You can search or browse for precedents on Precedent Pool and sort precedents based on price, length, ratings, or whether the precedent is drafted in favour of one party or the other.

And unlike other sites which offer only one version of any document, we aim to provide many versions of each precedent, and we give you the tools to help you work out which one will best suit your needs. We currently have about 150 precedents on Precedent Pool and our collection is growing every day.

It’s free to register. You only pay when you decide to download a precedent. And if you’re not happy with the precedent, we offer a money back guarantee.

Join Precedent Pool today.

Here is a list of the precedents we have available. To view or buy precedents, you need to register and login.

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